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140325 Kwang soo’s photoshoot for Zoo Coffee! He is currently the spokesperson for Zoo Coffee, do support it ^^

Credits are all on the photo!

These Disney princesses…….
credits: kanggaryhongkongfc


Hey framers! 

As you can see I have not been able to update Framerkwangsoo regularly especially these days. I am really busy with school this year with a super huge exam coming up (basically a life changing exam lol).

So I have finally decided that I really need a new admin to help me in handling this account together! But please take note we’re looking for an admin that can help us out mainly on twitter =)

Please email to framerkwangsoo0714@gmail.com if you are interested with:


Your twitter username:

Why are you interested in handling @framerkwangsoo:

When are the days that you will be able to update the account:

Thank you and please help to spread the word ^^


140328 Kwang Soo attended <방황하는 칼날> movie premier (via LKSDC,giraffekwangsoo photo credits on picture)

02.10.1966 - happy birthday to our Big-Nosed hyung
Thank you for bringing us happiness through your antics.

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Last Week~ [Filming] 140204 런닝맨 Running Man Cr


JiHyo inYesse 2014 Spring Catalogue part 2 (cr Yesse via SJH Baidu Bar) ~~

Sweet Ji Hyo

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song ji hyo, the cool actress

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